Inheritance and Succession

Inheritance or Succession law regulates important elements of succession mortis causa, such as the allocation of the assets and liabilities of the deceased, the requirements governing the validity of each type of will and the necessary formalities for the distribution of the estate.

In principle, it might seem a simple matter. However, these days, the removal, in many cases, of national borders mean that regulations applicable to succession mortis causa can be very complex. It can also mean dealing with legal arrangements common in other legal systems, such as Trusts, particularly important in common law jurisdictions, and the increasingly frequent use of special wills, such as those granted in a foreign country or at sea.

VMG, being aware of the effects of this change in succession matters, offers advice, based on thorough and careful analysis, to achieve the most satisfactory and effective transfer of the inheritance, taking into account the following aspects:

Preparation of wills, legacies or bequests  and inheritance agreements or agreements as to succession.

Inheritance – Succession:

  • Testate and intestate succession
  • Inheritance or succession relating to foreign nationals in Spain.
  • Inheritance or succession relating to Spaniards abroad.

Family company succession planning

Judicial proceedings in relation to inheritance or succession mortis causa

Inheritance or succession tax advice

Administrative and registry formalities