Land Law – Property Law

Land law or Property law (Real Estate law in the US), broadly speaking, comprises of the rules related to land and immoveable property, in particular to the sale and purchase or lease of such property, due to the significant financial and legal implications.

In Spain, land or property transactions carried out by foreigners, both residents and non-residents, have acquired increasing importance in recent years for a number of reasons.

In this area, our firm offers an integral advisory service with highly satisfactory results. Furthermore, when it comes to purchasing property, we are able to monitor the entire process: from obtaining the identification number for foreign nationals (NIE) where the buyer is non-resident, right up to conveyance and registering the sale with the Land Registry.

VMG provides comprehensive advice principally in the following areas, among others:

• Property contracts:

  •  Sale and purchase contracts. Conveyance.
  •  Tenancy agreements, lease agreements.
  •  Lease agreements with the option to buy.
  •  Renovation and construction contracts.
  •  Property finance lease agreements.
  •  Guarantee agreements (bank guarantees and others).

• Rights in remin immovable property: 

  • Ownership, joint ownership and possession.
  • Usufruct, use and periodic occupation.
  • Temporary ownership.
  • Shared ownership.
  • Guarantees in rem (rights of retention, antichresis, mortgage, pledging without transfer of possession).
  • Emphyteusis.
  • Easements (rights of way, views, etc.)

• Preferential acquisition rights:

  • Right of first refusal
  • Pre-emptive rights

• Options to buy

• Timesharing

• Land registration: registration of properties and other entries

• Condominium ownership and homeowners’ associations

• Mortgage loans and related problems (interest limitation – ‘floor’ – clauses)

• Construction issues: Ten-year guarantee. Hidden defects in buildings.

• Housing cooperatives

• Regulation of tourist accommodation

• Property tax advice

• Administrative procedures: Licences and certificates of habitability. Cadastre. Social housing