Litigation and arbitration

Dispute resolution requires specialist knowledge both of the regulations relating to the conflict matter (e.g. contracts, family law, and company law) and of the various proceedings and their specific phases and instances.

From this perspective, our firm carries out a comprehensive analysis of all the circumstances surrounding each individual case, seeking to offer our clients an appropriate and viable formula for conflict resolution.

In addition, our knowledge of International Law and substantive and procedural Comparative Law (in particular, English, German and French), as well as our collaboration with firms abroad, allows us to effectively advise on issues with an international component.

In this area, our efforts are initially directed towards reaching agreements, in order to avoid judicial or arbitration proceedings, so therefore negotiation is one of the key modes applied. In the event that negotiation is unsuccessful, or where it is not possible or advisable, we advise and provide legal assistance to our clients in all types of judicial and arbitration proceedings, in civil, commercial, contentious-administrative and employment matters, at all stages, including the enforcement of decisions.

In particular, we can assist on:

Negotiation and mediation

Judicial proceedings (ordinary procedure, small debts proceedings, oral procedure, collection of negotiable instruments, enforcement, injunctions or precautionary measures) regarding, among others:

  • Civil and commercial agreements.
  • Non-contractual liability – Tort.
  • Company law
  • Family law
  • Succession or Inheritance law
  • Land law
  • Intellectual and industrial property
  • Unfair competition
  • Fundamental rights

National and international arbitration

Enforcement of foreign decisions in Spain

Non-contentious proceedings

Consumer protection proceedings

Class actions

Employment proceedings 

Contentious-administrative proceedings

Proceedings before the Constitutional Court and European Courts

Insolvency proceedings