Intellectual and industrial property

Intellectual Property Law protects intangible creations which reflect the creator’s personality: unique creations not produced industrially or in series. Industrial property, on the other hand, protects creations which are associated with industry: patents and utility models, distinguishing signs and designs.

In Spain there are different regulations for each kind of right and the agencies in charge of their management are also different: the Intellectual Property Registry is involved in recognising intellectual property rights and the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks in recognising industrial property rights.


Copyright grants the creator of an original work all exclusive rights for its use and distribution. Therefore, their protection is fundamental to maximise their value.

VMG provides advice to authors, artists and performers who work in the entertainment industry (music, theatre, cinema and television), as well as to editors, record companies and audio-visual producers, in particular regarding to:

  • IP rights protection.
  • IP rights licensing: reproduction, distribution, public performance and adaptation.
  • Producer agreements, recording and audio-visual contracts. Editing contracts.
  • Related IP rights contracts: theatrical and musical performance.
  • Mortgage, sale and assignment of IP rights.
  • Advertising and marketing consultancy.
  • IP infringements.


Trademarks identify and distinguish products and services and associate them with their owners and suppliers. Patents, on the contrary, grant exclusive rights to the creator of a new product or technology. Subsequently, trademarks and patents are valuable assets to a business.

VMG provides accurate advice to protect both trademarks and patents worldwide, and carries out the formalities required to register, protect or claim them.

In this area, we highlight the following services:

  • Registration, protection and management of trademarks and distinguishing signs, both nationally and internationally..
  • Registration, protection and management of patents, both nationally and internationally.
  • Trademark and infringements.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of trademarks and patents.
  • Trademarks and patents assignments.


Honour, privacy and image are personal rights which must be protected from unlawful interference. Social networks have multiplied both the interaction among their users and the problems associated with publications without the consent of the rights holder.

Moreover, one of the issues which photographers and media outlets encounter on daily basis is whether or not they should request permission to take pictures.

VMG protects, takes charge of and claims rights to honour, privacy and image, in the first case, and advises media outlets regarding the recording and distribution of images, in the second.

Our work in this area includes, among others, the following services:

  • Image protection.
  • Protection of individual and business online reputation.
  • Advising media outlets and photographers.
  • Taxation of image rights.
  • Protection against criminal offenses relating to image rights.