Family law and mediation

Globalisation and new social realities have led to great changes in family matters, developing heterogeneous and multicultural models of cohabitation point to a more diverse notion of family.

To take into account these new “social realities”, VMG provides an efficient response to its various problems within the fundamental rights framework, including:

Marriage and Civil Unions:

  • Constitution of new family structures: civil unions and registration.
  • Regulation and management of family finances: loans (with or without interest); gifts.
  • Legal preventative and financial provision in the event of family breakdown: marriage agreements; prenuptial agreements (PRENUP).
  • Family crises: breakdown of civil unions; separation; divorce and annulment of marriage. Consequences:
    – Personal measures: ceasing cohabitation; care and custody of children and visiting and communication arrangements.
    – Financial measures: winding up the finances of the union; dissolving joint ownership; family tax law.
    – Care and custody of pets.
  • Family mediation.
  • Precautionary measures in the event of family disputes.
  • Modification of definitive measures due to significant changes in circumstances.
  • Incumplimientos de resoluciones judiciales:
    – Non-payment of alimony and any increases in it.
    – Non-payment of extracurricular or extraordinary expenses.
    – Non-payment of financial provisions in favour one party plus any interest payable as a result.
    – Non-compliance with child contact arrangements.
  • Regulation of contact arrangements (grandparents, meeting points and visits abroad).

Domestic violence. Family criminal law. Protection of pets.

Foster care.

Family reunion and international child abduction.

Filiation: in or out of wedlock. Claiming or contesting paternity and its consequences.

International adoptions.

Family care for the elderly or people at risk of neglect.

Incapacity, disability and family protection.